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Our Services

Bespoke Furniture

Although our product range is vast, we recognise the requirement for special furniture, which is not always available from our suppliers. When required, we will design any bespoke items to a very high standard at affordable prices.

Ergonomic Furniture

We have an extensive range of ergonomic furniture and back care chairs. Our dedicated back care team will work with you to make sure you get the correct chair for your needs. We can provide a visit service* to find out more about you and your individual requirement before setting you up in a suitable chair. Each of our Ergonomic Chairs comes with a 7 day free trial to ensure it is right for you.

*Distance restrictions may apply, contact us to arrange.


Together with our independent finance partner, Bluestone Leasing [link?], we can source you with the best finance packages available on the market. Bluestone Leasing are the leading specialist in interior project financing in the UK, with a 14 year pedigree.

Leasing for furniture and fit out projects allows you to spread the cost of ultimately depreciating assets over their useful life and save money in doing so. Furthermore, leasing allows you to more accurately match costs to the return on investment over time.

Key benefits:

  • Turnkey solution; finance the total project value not just assets
  • Tax benefits; significant savings when compared to cash
  • Opportunity cost; your capital can be employed elsewhere (ROCE)
  • Fixed costs; interest rate fixed throughout the term
  • Spread VAT; VAT paid incrementally rather than a lump sum upfront
  • Upgrade options; totally flexible to upgrade at any point in the term


Design and Measurement

After measuring up your workspace, we can provide 2D or 3D plans. No prospective work is too small. It is our intention to remain a leader in this field and continue to source the very latest systems to provide optimum presentations.

Repair and Re-upholstery Service

To complete our total solution for office needs, we have a repair and re-upholstery service. Our fully trained staff are capable of repairing almost any furniture at a fraction of the cost of supplying new equipment.

Quality Fitting

To ensure we offer you a quality service from end to end, we only ever use our own fitters. Each are Achilles accredited and CSCS certified, meaning you can rest assured they have all of the necessary training and qualifications.

For more information about our services, contact us today for a no obligation chat.

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