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Architects and Designers

Workpattern has been created by Albany Contract Furniture to specialise in the supply of design-led furniture solutions. Workpattern is for businesses and their design teams who want to create smarter workplaces for a knowledge economy and for businesses that care about their culture and own creativeness. Workpattern promotes furniture that supports individuals and teams, aesthetics and brand, functionality and value for money.

In November 2010, we opened a dedicated space and Resource Centre on Newcastle’s Quayside. The Resource Centre not only provides a much needed touch-point for clients where they can experience furniture for new ways of working, but provides a collaborative environment for designers and their clients to explore possibilities for their own environment. At Workpattern, we closely follow the latest research in workplace design and will continue to work with our partners from around the globe to bring this research.

For more informmation visit www.workpattern.co.uk

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