Ergonomic Furniture Solutions

We offer an extensive range of ergonomic furniture in order to help our clients improve the health, happiness and productivity of their employees. Through our tailored ergonomic solutions we hope to achieve greater employee health and wellbeing in the workplace.

Image Ergonomic Furniture Solutions

Why choose us for your ergonomic furniture solutions

Our job is to help prevent musculoskeletal problems from developing at work by assessing desk set ups for problem areas. While musculoskeletal disorders cost organisations significant amounts of money in absenteeism and dropped productivity, it is possible to prevent and reduce this cost by making simple changes to the working environment.

Our ergonomics team will advise upon and set up the appropriate product based upon either meeting the person requiring a specialist chair or workstation or on the results of a DSE assessment. If required, we provide ergonomic chairs for a free of charge 5-day trial.

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