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In 2010 we established the Workpattern brand and team to deliver design lead projects and to specialise in our growing interest for new ways of working.

We believe your workspace is one of the best assets you have for bringing its greatest resources and talent together, where face to face communication and idea generation should happen more naturally and effectively. Where your own brand, culture and purpose can be fully experienced.

The Workpattern team are here to help clients and their designers deliver purposeful and highly desirable workspaces. They do this via shared knowledge, design, evidence based research and partnerships with key manufacturers.

As a Herman Miller Dealer Partner, the Workpattern team put emphasis on a human-centred approach to work and the workplace, they call this ‘Living Office’.

“Happiness. Well-being. Engagement. Connection. In a world of work where success is more than monetary, and is increasingly seen in human terms. By helping fulfil the fundamental needs of individuals and organisations, Living Office not only helps deliver greater profits, but also prosperity for all”.

We have a dedicated web site for the Workpattern brand, if you would like to learn more about its core services and insight, they would love to hear from you.

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